Two 48-sheet digital glow-in-the-dark billboards developed with Blucher Youth Drop-In and Scotswood Youth Groups, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Blucher, seven streets, one church and a social club


The Academy, Benwell


Over an eight week period, large sheets of white Fabriano paper were fired at with paint-filled water pistols. Using a basic digital camera set in 'negative image' mode, the young people captured the events. With the white paper turning black and their skin reversed to preserve some anonymity, numerous 'firework' images were pieced together into final designs.

February 2001

December 2000

The final prints were then retouched by hand with phosphorescent paint, allowing the works to 'glow in the dark'. Scotswood poster installed on Atkinson Road at the corner of Whitehouse Road, 1-30 December 2000, and Blucher poster first installed on Northumberland Road, Lemington, 20-30 December 2000, and then in Newcastle City Centre at St. James' Park, 1-15 February 2001.

February 2001

December 2000

Details of project funding and collaborative artists' billboard...