the ballad of RAY + JULIE
the ballad of RAY + JULIE, 2005 the ballad of RAY + JULIE, 2005 the ballad of RAY + JULIE, 2005 the ballad of RAY + JULIE, 2005
Alan Dunn Jeff Young Hamish McLain Riikka Ala-Harja
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Billboard SN2075/01, Seel Street/Slater Street, Liverpool City Centre, UK, 2005
In 1995 artists Alan Dunn and Brigitte Jurack were commissioned to create something for the vacant plot of land on London Road, Liverpool, inbetween The Furniture Resource Centre and Lord Warden Pub, opposite the cinema. Intended to remain in situ for 6 months and inspired by the RAY + JULIE graffiti at the back of the plot, the two chairs and rippled cement produced and installed in November 1995 remain today.

In the 10 years the chairs have inadvertently ingrained themselves in the public consciousness, inspired poetry and guerilla performance, changed legal ownership, been case studies for public art maintenance, hosted chess and skateboarders, figured in a list of 'Liverpool's best-kept secrets' and attracted a range of new graffiti.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of RAY + JULIE, 4 newly commissioned digitally-printed billboard artworks will be presented on a City Centre site.


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